Sacred Icons are Glimpses to Heaven

Among the beautiful endowments of the Catholic Church  are the sacred icons  of the  great fathers, saints and martyrs of the faith that populated not just our Churches and Cathedrals but also our homes.  Our sacred icons are not there as decorations but  they are there for a more important role. They give us a glimpse to heaven, the place where we are destined to go and live forever if we win the battle of our souls here on earth.

Our sacred  icons are a great help in our spiritual warfare as we cannot help but study and therefore be guided in our life’s journey by the  teachings and guidance of those represented in particular icons that we have at home and our Churches and Cathedrals. 

Our new latest offerings are notebooks with sacred images, as you can see from the left side of this page as well as below. On the left is Saint Joseph, holding the baby Jesus. Below is the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph), Saint Anthony of Padua receiving baby Jesus from our Blessed Mother, St. John Paul II and Saint John Bosco (Don Bosco). 

Read the stories behind these sacred images and you would be blown away by the power with which our holy fathers and saints lived their life on earth that shaped the human history and the world.



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